Typescript and Gremlin: Part 2

This article demonstrates a pattern for accessing graph databases in TypeScript. Make sure you read Part 1 - without it, these next steps won’t make sense. This article assumes an intermediate knowledge of TypeScript and how generics and interfaces work within the language. This article also mentions the Data Mapper and Factory patterns. Graph Database Interface Most books about program design will spend some time talking about the benefits of separation between application logic and storage logic.

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TypeScript and Gremlin: Part 1

If you’ve read CosmosDB + Gremlin + TypeScript = :| - you’ll know that we’ve recently begun working with graph databases. Specifically graph databases that communicate using Gremlin. This article demonstrates a TypeScript pattern for communicating with a graph database through the Gremlin query language. This article assumes you have an intermediate knowledge of TypeScript and know how to create, compile, and run a TypeScript project. In the interest of article length we will only be implementing a record creation method.

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